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Join the royal family as they tour the States of Consciousness, where they bask in the adulation of their subjects. Queen Pristine loves her life as it is, having fulfilled her duty of providing an heir. She and her daughter are the toast of the Tour.

Princess Princilla is spoiled by all her parents can provide and takes it as her due. She is the quintessential pampered princess… which becomes a problem when the Queen discovers she’s pregnant, and Princilla learns she will have to share the spotlight.

Your 1st class stateroom is reserved aboard H.M.S. Consciousness as you embark upon the Tour with the royal family, for a history lesson you will never forget…but might wish you could.

“I can’t say enough about this enchanting book. It brings the reader into a royal, old fashioned setting with twists, humor, and dysfunction.”
~ Donna Sloan, Sloan Homes realtor, verified Amazon purchaser


An Update on Abundance

In a world of two billion six million people, citizens of the United States of Consciousness fought the internal demons of Fear and Terror, much as we do today. Dividing the continent in half was the Black Snake River, the east west border separating the two states from Indifference, Grace, and Tolerance. Those schooled in the east had been taught a life divided is a rewarding life. Those in the west had learned a life lived in Fear, or Terror, was no life at all. The eastern doctrine was one united with the creed of iniquity. One off-the-mark word from either side could send Fear and Terror back on the warpath, a fate everyone wanted to avoid.

This was a fate Pristine Goldspinner, Queen of Entitlement, sovereign of the state of Abundance, did her royal best to avoid.

In the last of the three Fear-Terror wars, the two states nearly killed each other off. Many in the west wish they had, but Abundites and Entitlées alike understood, both Fear and Terror are important in maintaining balance on the continent.

The world is at peace now, if only for the holidays.