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A Boy Alone Series Book 1 cover Obsessed

Board the train of thought to Entitlement Station, in the heart of Abundance, where the coronation of a lifetime is underway. Queen Pristine Goldspinner has just been coroneted to reign over the sixteen (somewhat) United States of Consciousness. Princess Erica, the Queen’s uninvited twin sister, crashes the coronation with her eyes on the crown.

Prince Godwyn Bonheur, widower with two unruly teenage daughters, attends the coronation with his eyes on the young Queen.

Your invitation to the celebration awaits you. You will be seated between Queen Mother Marguerite and Nanny Carabella Needlepinch. Listen in. You might just catch an earful of questionable activities both above, and below stairs.

“A delightful read, deliciously funny. The writing is heartwarming in its honesty, relatable and purely beautiful.”
~ Mirela, bank V.P.
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Queen Mother’s train of thought slipped into contemplation. Pristine has so much, and Princess Erica so little, she thought. What if I were to give Erica the experience of a lifetime, make her Queen for a Day? I have an idea. The sedan chair ride around Market Square, as Queen, might just give Erica the push she needs to re-establish her identity. The ego spoke—but Marguerite—what about the subjects? Never mind the subjects, she thought, they cannot tell one twin from the other. Besides, most are intoxicated, and Erica will be inside the sedan chair. All the subjects will see is a waving hand, perhaps a peek at her nose. What if you were to take the scepter and the crown from Pristine, and give them to Erica?  There are dozens more in the attic. Set the crown on Erica’s head, place the scepter in her hand, drape her in the ermine cloak, and allow her to participate in the coronation. Give her the memory of a lifetime, Marguerite. Word could get out—the ego spoke again—what if the Press and the Public were to find out? Who cares what the Press and the Public find out? “Get up, Pristine,” said Queen Mother, “we are going to have some fun.”